GAK Wasserspringen erfolgreichster Verein Österreichs

11x Gold, 2x Silber und einmal Bronze – mit einem ganzen Sack voll Medaillen kamen die GAK Wasserspringen heute von den Österr. Jugendmeisterschaften zurück.Insgesamt erreichte die Mannschaft rund um Trainer Paul Pachernegg und Obmann Hugo Schuster 14 Medaillen. Alle 3 Titel in ihrer Altersklasse gewann Regina Diensthuber (1m, 3m und Turm), je 2 Titel errangen Simon Mayer (1m und 3m), Alexander Grebenz (1m und 3m), Alba Doujenis (1m und Turm) und Anna-Isabel Siefken (1m und 3m).Einen 2
. Platz erreichte Alba Doujenis vom 3m Brett sowie Hannah Dennis vom 1m Bronze gewann Katharina Seiner vom 1m

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. (Alle GAK)

Somit wurde der GAK ganz klar der erfolgreichste Verein bei diesen Meisterschaften gefolgt von der Schwimmunion Wien.
Gleich nächste Woche ab Donnerstag, den 13.6., geht es in Graz hochkarätig weiter.
Europas Elite in den Jugendklassen A,B,C startet beim 16. Internationalen Jugendmeeting in der Grazer Auster.
Insgesamt 11 Nationen nutzen dieses Meeting als letzte Vorbereitung für die Jugend-EM in Polen 14 Tage später.

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  50. Everything you need to know about the industry development But for now, Canada’s cannabis industry is enjoying some big-time growth. No matter what your personal stance on cannabis use is, the Canadian government’s recent legalization of recreational marijuana has opened up a slew of interesting—and potentially extremely profitable—options for stock-savvy investors. The world is watching as Canada steps into the spotlight as the first G7 country to legalize recreational cannabis nationwide. Have Watchlists? Log in to see them here or sign up to get started. Aurora Cannabis is one of the largest cannabis producers, with 15 facilities serving 25 countries. It expects annual production capacity to reach 625,000 kilograms in 2020. The company says it is a ‘medical company at heart with a patient-first philosophy’ and has earned the market-leading position in key European markets, such as Germany. However, it currently makes around twice as much revenue from selling to the recreational market than medical, although the latter boasts better gross margins. In addition, it is planning to disrupt other recreational markets like beverages and tobacco. The store is located at the Washington Park Shopping Centre at 2A – 759 Ryan Road in Courtenay.   According to the province, three privately-owned pot shops have provincially-approved licences to sell non-medical cannabis: SpiritLeaf on 53rd Avenue, The Greenhorn on 25th Avenue, and Vernon Cannabis Store on 35th Street. Around 16 jobs are being created at the store including a store manager, two assistant store managers and “knowledgeable” cannabis consultants, according to a BC Liquor Distribution Branch press release. The outlets, which are operated by the Liquor Distribution Branch, are the first two B.C. Cannabis Stores to open outside of Kamloops. At this time the LDB cannot say when additional stores might open, as lease negotiations are ongoing for many of the sites. Once a lease has been signed, it can take up to seven months to develop the site to suit the LDB’s needs and complete the store fit out. Updates related to the opening of BC Cannabis Stores will be announced as details are finalized.

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