International Diving Meet

24th International Diving Meet 2022

23rd – 26th June 2022, Graz

Deadlines Entries:
Preliminary entry form: April 22nd 2022.
Final entry form: May, 22nd 2022
Send entry forms to our office mail ( by using the forms available here:
Preliminary entry form
Final entry form

Named Entries submitted by diverecorder, May, 13th 2022


Thursday, 23.06.2022

11:30 Technical Meeting
13:30  Opening Ceremony
14:30 3m Boys A  
3m Men  
1m Girls C 
3m   Girls B
WK 01a
WK 01b
WK 02
WK 03
19:30Welcome Dinner

Friday, 24.06.2022

09:003m Boys B
1m Girls A
1m Women
WK 04
WK 05a
WK 05b
14:00    platform Boys C
platform Girls C
1m Boys A
1m Men
WK 06a
WK 06b
WK 07a
WK 07b
18:00  get together

Saturday, 25.06.2022

09:003m Girls C
platform Girls B
platform Girls A
platform Women
3m Synchro A/B Boys
3m Synchro A/B Girls
WK 08
WK 09a
WK 09b
WK 09c
WK 10a
WK 10b
14:00    3m Mixed Synchro
1m Boys B
3m Boys C
WK 11
WK 12
WK 13

Sunday, 26.06.2022

09:001m Boys C
3m Girls A
3m Women
platform Boys A
platform Men
platform Boys B
1m Girls B
WK 14
WK 15a
WK 15b
WK 16a
WK 16b
WK 16c
WK 17